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The Las Vegas Super Bowl LVIII Host Committee, (Host Committee) is a private, nonprofit 501 (c)(6), comprised of volunteer local community, municipal and business leaders overseeing a full-time staff that serve as direct liaisons between the National Football League and the local community between now and 2024. The Host Committee’s mission is to ensure that all host requirements of the NFL are met and to execute the operational bid obligations made to the NFL as part of the Bid Committee’s campaign to host Super Bowl LVIII in 2024. In doing so, the Host Committee aims to deliver an experience that will position Las Vegas as a favorite and repeat destination for the NFL’s marquee event, create a lasting legacy through our community initiatives, and showcase Las Vegas as the premier destination city for major sporting events to the visiting fans, media, sponsors, vendors, industry professionals, and global broadcast audience.


Chair of The Super Bowl Committee


Vice Chair of the Host Committee




President & Chief Operating Officer at Caesars Entertainment


Clark County Commissioner for District G


Chief Executive Officer/President at Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority


Chief Commercial Officer at MGM Resorts


Vice President, Associate General Counsel

Meet the Host Committee Staff


President & C.E.O.


Chief Financial Officer


Sr. Vice President of Development (Sponsorship and Partnerships)


Sr. Creative Director


Executive Administrative Director

Get Involved

It takes a village to host a Super Bowl, and the Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee has no shortage of ways for locals to participate in helping host the ‘Greatest Show on Turf.’ Between now and 2024, the Host Committee will be announcing multiple programs, initiatives and opportunities for locals to get involved. Following us on social media and signing up for email updates are the best ways to stay informed on opportunities to join the team, engage in the process, or reap the rewards that come with Las Vegas serving as host to Super Bowl LVIII in 2024.

In February 2024, the Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee will be recruiting and managing up to 10,000 local volunteers to help welcome visiting fans, media and other Super Bowl attendees while providing a unparalleled level of hospitality that only Vegas can deliver. If you or a group you are affiliated with want to serve as one of our many Super Bowl ambassadors, it’s never too early to sign up to be the first to receive volunteer news and updates. Visit and create a volunteer profile on the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s volunteer portal to join our Super Bowl LVIII Host Committee volunteer roster and to receive information on all the opportunities to “get in the game” for other major sporting events in town between now and then.

The NFL and Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee are committed to utilizing local diverse suppliers and vendors in the business of hosting Super Bowl LVIII. Partnering with the NFL’s Business Connect Supplier Diversity team, the Host Committee will manage the Business Connect Program to help local LGBTQ+, minority-, women- and veteran-owned businesses with the experience and capacity to provide products and event-ready services necessary for Super Bowl operations. Over the next two years, the Host Committee will oversee professional development workshops, hold networking events, and build strong community relationships that aim to foster economic growth through our hosting of the Super Bowl. For updates on the Business Connect Program, and to ensure that your business is invited to join our local database of suppliers, sign up for Contact and follow us on LinkedIn.

In 2024, the NFL, through the National Football League Foundation (NFL Foundation), will partner with the Host Committee to make a significant donation to local, nonprofit organizations in the host community as part of its Super Bowl Legacy Program. The grant(s) will primarily provide services, programs and assistance to underserved youth throughout the state of Nevada. The Host Committee will oversee this grant award selection process in cooperation with the NFL Foundation. Grant focus areas may include various offerings such as youth health, fitness and wellness support, and youth and high school support (e.g., field refurbishment projects, equipment grants, etc.); and may also include support of social issues, including social justice, education, and efforts to combat domestic violence and sexual assault. The Host Committee will be forming an NFL Super Bowl Legacy Grant Advisory Committee that will include representation by the NFL Foundation and Las Vegas Raiders to seek applicants, select award winners, and help plan and execute the Super Bowl Legacy Grant program press conferences and award presentations. Follow the Host Committee on social media for updates as grant opportunities are announced.

The Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee will partner with the NFL to produce and host events, programs and activities that bring community engagements to life during the week of the Super Bowl. From youth health and wellness to sustainability and green efforts, to military appreciation and cancer awareness/support, the Host Committee will be overseeing many NFL and local initiatives focused on societal and environmental issues that will impact the Vegas community long after Super Bowl LVIII. These topics include, but are not limited to, diversity and inclusivity, social justice, domestic violence and sexual assault, human trafficking, and homelessness. Contact to receive upcoming information on how you, or your organization, can participate.

Super Bowl LVIII in 2024 is still a long way away, but we understand you already have questions! Feel free to check below if they have already been asked, or you can submit other questions, using the Contact.

When is the game?

Super Bowl is traditionally played on a Sunday in February. Kickoff follows a toss of the coin, and renditions of the National Anthem and America the Beautiful. None of those times are confirmed yet, but we can announce that the game will be broadcast by CBS on Feb 11, 2024, at Allegiant Stadium and live from Las Vegas!

Can I get tickets now?

Technically, no. But there will be a number of official ways to secure tickets to Super Bowl LVIII, all which will be listed here at some point. But one way to guarantee yourself access now to Super Bowl tickets, hotel rooms, and other hospitality events in Las Vegas is to become a Host Committee sponsor, donor, or hospitality partner.  Contact the Host Committee for more specific information.

Who will be performing the halftime show and National Anthem?

Your guess is as good as ours right now. Previous Super Bowl acts have included Madonna, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, and Up with People. If you are asking because you would like to audition, well, it doesn’t quite work like that. But if you would like to send the Host Committee an audition video, you wouldn’t be the first to do so. You never know!

I wont be going to the game, but can I still come to Las Vegas that weekend, and what events can I attend?

Not only will the Host Committee be producing free fan events all week, the NFL will have tickets available to the general public for the Super Bowl Experience, Opening Night, and a whole roster of fan friendly events during the week.  If you aren’t going to be at Allegiant Stadium, you definitely still want to be in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII.

Where will the teams be staying?

Do you really think your favorite team would appreciate us sharing that information? But since you asked, they will be staying at one of two official team hotels in the State of Nevada. When more specific information is available, we will make sure we still don’t share those details on the internets.

Where can I park for Super Bowl?

Whoa, slow your roll. We can’t wait to host you in 2024, but you don’t even have tickets or a hotel room yet? But if you really want to start planning to bring your group, company or entourage, consider becoming a Super Bowl Host Committee sponsor, donor, or hospitality partner, and we can help with all of that!

How can my local company participate in the business of Super Bowl.

That’s a legit question that deserves a direct response. To learn more, make sure to register for updates on the Super Bowl Business Connect program by Contact.

What kind of opportunities are there to volunteer for Super Bowl, and do I get some cool apparel and swag for doing so?

            The Host Committee will be looking for about 7,500 local ambassadors during Super Bowl to help us welcome fans at the airport and around Las Vegas, assist with activations at the Super Bowl Experience, assist ticket holders and VIPs on game day, interact with national and international media, and a variety of other roles that we know we can’t do without you. If you can pass a background check, have a pulse, and can show up on time to your shift and orientations, then we will deliver an awesome appreciation program that includes apparel, goodie bags, complimentary access to select events, and priority access to do it all over again for other major sporting events in Las Vegas and the next Super Bowl we host. Click here to volunteer, and to receive updates on volunteering for all events in Las Vegas  as they become available.

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