The #VegasSuperBall

The #VegasSuperBall has been created exclusively for Las Vegas, by Las Vegas!  Standing at nearly 14 feet high, this oversized football is generating excitement within the Las Vegas community and for our visitors, as we celebrate the year ahead leading up to Super Bowl LVIII.  The #VegasSuperBall has a full calendar of appearances, and its presence is an opportunity to spread fun and joy to all those that interact with it.

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  • The #VegasSuperBall is permanently displayed on an 8’4” W x 25’75” L full body flatbed truck and reaches a total height of 13’7”
  • Its’ inner is made from carved blocks of bead board foam
  • Once the foam ball was carved, it was then hard coated by spraying on a polyurethane shell
  • The estimate Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) to be approximately 14k-15k lbs
  • Once the hard coat was dry, the texture of the football was painted by hand
  • It took 30 crew members to fabricate the ball, between design/drawings, router operators, sculptors, scenic painters, metals workers, and the ‘hard coating’ crew